MOU with IPA

Institute Signs MOU with NIA, Australia

  1. National Institute of Accountants, Melbourne, Australia and The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India (ICWAI), have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 9th March, 2011.
  2. It will develop the profession of accounting for the benefit of their members and students in the pursuit of excellence in education and training and continuing professional development in accounting including cost and management accountancy.
  3. It will create a harmonious relation between the Institutes to move forward globally, in order to enable, achieve optimum potential, for the member of the profession in the International arena.
  4. It will recognize the professional qualifications and professional development programs offered by each Institute.
  5. It will permit members who obtain membership through this alliance to practice subject to the Local Laws applicable.
  6. It will enable members to assist and cooperate in conducting applied research on management accounting and related areas through an appropriate mechanism with focus on contemporary domains.
  7. It will enable members to Invite, support, attend and conduct seminars, conferences and joint activities mutually beneficial to both the parties with a focus on contemporary areas such as IFRS, Business Valuations, etc.
  8. It will allow the members and students of each Institute to visit, use and consult the libraries of the respective Institutes and access/linkage to the websites of each Institute from their own websites.
  9. It agrees to share developments in the areas of common interest at the international level including interaction with UN and other Regional/International/Multinational bodies and Institutes.

Note : NIA (National Institute of Accountants) is now known as IPA (Institute of Public Accountants)